Time for Hawaiian brothers and sisters to unite

Interlock, Hawaiian brothers and sisters, for the day has come for us to unite and become one. Many battles we have fought amongst one another and many more alongside one another. Our differences should be put aside for the time being for the benefit of our la hui.

Though we have accomplished much in our culture and our community, the challenges we face in these times are even greater, and every effort and able body must be made available to overcome and face these challenges with success and victory.

From the kupuna to the keiki, the well off and the struggling, finding common ground and consensus is vital. I pledge support for a great unifier like Kamehameha once did in warfare. This unifier will peacefully assemble the people and understand the true needs of our community. That true leader is among us and we will soon march, stand and be recognized of our own mana together.

When you see a fellow native on the ground, encourage them to pick themselves up, and for those who connive along with the adversary, you know we know who you are. No matter how hard it may seem or if there is little or no hope, I am certain money and weapons will never defeat true love for ke akua and humanity.

God bless us all.

Desmond Yap