Upgrades long overdue for restrooms in parks

Our parks are being used by many residents and visitors alike. The upgrades and fixes currently underway are much needed.

I am concerned, though, this will not be enough to make our bathrooms workable for the increase in visitors and residents. Many were put in place in the 1960s and ’70s and were planned and designed for population bases of around 50,000 residents and, at that time, we had fewer than 200,000 visitors a year. These bathrooms have only one or two stalls and are small.

Any planner will tell you that to meet the needs of the resident population base of around 150,000 and more than 2,000,000 visitors, we need larger, upgraded bathrooms with more stalls and facilities. If not, we will continue to have the complaints of our current bathrooms of smell and bad upkeep. Repairs are needed more often due to overuse.

While traveling on the Mainland, many areas have far superior facilities and maintain them more then once a day. I have been hearing complaints from tourists since the 1980s about our poor facilities. Many equate them to the Third World areas they travel.

If Maui is to always be the best, then we must plan for the best.

Dennis Fitzpatrick