Urgent opportunity for walkable neighborhoods

The recent Land Use Commission approval of the Maui Research & Technology Park residential/mixed use expansion mauka of Piilani Highway, the development of a new proposal for the Eclipse project and the recent purchase of property adjacent to our new Kihei Police Station by Alexander & Baldwin creates an urgent opportunity for a community-based plan for transit-oriented walkable and livable neighborhoods.

Fortunately, our county government knows this and how to create these plans. It is time for the community to begin the process with the establishment of the green infrastructure of parks, utility easements, streambeds and open space connected by trails. This provides the natural framework for the proposed built environment.

All of this lays a solid foundation for our community plan update as a series of walkable neighborhoods

We can create people-centered developments by freeing ourselves of our car-centric zoning laws. Let’s return to HEMP (housing everywhere for Maui’s people) and the original Hawaiian land transportation – walking. Public Access Trails Hawaii – Maui celebrates walking with the Eddie Pu Project to re-establish the Maui Ala Loa (round-the-island trail) and create walkable and livable communities.

Eddie would walk. You can too.

Joe Bertram III