Words of significant meaning being redefined

In most companies there is a publicist or a person who issues statement to the public about events that happen that, if not handled properly, could damage the company’s reputation. Word selections and usage become very important.

Words that have had a significant meaning before now are being redefined. Example: marriage – two people being joined together in holy matrimony, being committed to each other for better or for worse, in sickness and in health until death do they part.

Nothing mentioned about getting tax privileges like all other couples.

There’s always a big thing about separation of state and church. What have we here? Fairness? For whom? The politicians? The same-sex supporters? Surely not we the people.

People of the opposite sex get married and make a commitment to each other to be faithful, to have offspring together and grow them to be the future of the human race. Can same sex do that?

What does the governor think? He’s married. Just for a tax write-off? The governor and all the politicians, on their time, go write their own Bible, and the governor can officiate at those weddings.

Henry Kahula Jr.