Wrong time to be spending more money on parks

How can the county spend $5.2 million to buy land from Alexander & Baldwin for a park in Waikapu in this economy (The Maui News, Oct. 15)? Is this money going to come from more tax hikes and fees being stuck to the people again?

A&B should donate this sandy land to the County of Maui in view of all that these big five companies/missionaries have stolen from the Hawaiian people. Now we, the Hawaiian people, have to buy it back from them. This is really a sick scenario. A repeat of the American Indian history.

We had a beautiful park once right next to the old Puunene School, the county had only to upkeep it. But, it returned it to A&B and it was plowed over for cane again. We sure could be using this park now. Why anyone would decide that this was a good decision is beyond me.

Our politicians are not focusing on conserving and limiting spending in this terrible economy. They need to focus on correcting our water problem and improving our roads and schools, not spending our money on more parks right now.

Hope Tavares