Wrong to take advantage of the blind and elderly

I do not think, in these times of economic stress and everything else for senior citizens, and particularly those who are blind – legally blind – that we should be put through undue difficulties.

I went to a store to obtain a new modem for my laptop, but the company’s representatives looked it up and said that nobody inputted the warranty. Well, because I am blind, the warranty was there and they refused to honor the replacement of the modem.

I think it is unfair that some people who make mistakes take advantage of people who are either elderly, which I am, or take advantage of people who are sight impaired, which I am. And I think it’s important to know or to let the public know that the disadvantage that we go through as blind people or as elderly people that the public needs to honor that and as do companies, they need to honor that.

I think it’s sad in this world that people don’t think about people or give what is truly owed to them.

James P. Waters