AARP’s action flies in the face of all seniors

AARP has always supported Obamacare from the beginning of all discussions about it. This strong support flew in the faces of AARP members. When the Obama administration gave AARP millions of dollars of support to train and send speakers out to give it this support, it became evident why millions of dollars were given to AARP. For this loyalty, AARP was given more millions to use for giving strong support for Obamacare.

My family and our older friends have canceled our memberships in AARP, as many others have throughout our country. As a result, AARP tried to neutralize its support. Now, it is again strongly supporting Obamacare (The Maui News, Nov. 15). More food must have been doled out to AARP. It is history and no longer a mystery. Again AARP has flown into the faces of all seniors.

But we don’t care any longer because we have sent AARP to its grave.

Bill Blietz