Aloha, not sugar, may be Maui’s greatest export

Three cheers to Ron Youngblood on his Nov. 7 column on change on Maui and loss of aloha. Indeed, many Californians who live in gated communities don’t embrace the culture and can be rarely seen at festivals and rarely go to places to enjoy hula as we do weekly.

I have even started a daily photo blog,, to encourage them to come on down to the beach, a happening place where they rarely go to enjoy its ambiance. Why are they here?

Many condominiums are run by mean-spirited people on control trips that have nothing better to do. Stories of excesses abound. Absentee owners don’t have a clue.

Exposure to aloha fosters aloha. In one of my books, I point out that visitors over time learn to embrace aloha and bring it back to the Mainland as a way of life.

This, not sugar, may be our greatest export.

Norm Bezane