Attempts are being made to control the weather

In response to “Is something strange going on in the sky over Maui?” (Letters, Nov. 1): The answer in a word is yes, but not just Maui or even the state of Hawaii or the U.S.A. – it’s going on all over the world.

Had the letter writer looked up more often, years ago, she would have seen the same thing. They are called chemtrails – not to be confused with contrails (or condensation trails that are a normal reaction to a jet engines’ exhaust forming water crystals that exist momentarily and then disappear).

I’m not going to try to explain what a chemtrail is, but encourage all who don’t know to Google or search on YouTube for “chemtrails,” “haarp rings” and “scalar squares.” Learn about attempts being made to control the weather and the atmospheres that surround us. As my dad told me, “If you can control the weather you can control the world.”

These attempts, along with the greenhouse effect of global warming, are (in my opinion) what is causing the weird and inexplicable weather phenomena around our globe.

Educate oneself and see what is going on.

The Internet is full of up-to-date information on these and a myriad other subjects from religion to conspiracy theories to politics. Learn what is true and what is not. Look at both (or all) sides of a coin and then decide what is going on in the skies over Maui.

Ron Rawson