Beach sand being taken and no one is stopping it

Sand anyone? Well, all one has to do is come to the 600 block of South Kihei Road and load up.

Again recently I observed as a landscaper/contractor pulled up across the road from Kihei Bay Vista condos and proceeded to load up his pickup truck with his own shovel from the edge of the road/beach access. This is the same area where a group of volunteers put up some useless and ugly screens on instructions and direct orders from the county, or so they said, about four months ago.

Not only the sand issue has gotten worse for the residents across the street, but also it serves as a collection point of free-for-all beach sand.

I don’t see anyone coming back and posting signs. Again quoting the leader of the volunteers: “Disturbing these screens and removing sand from this area is illegal and can have some serious consequences.”

I guess he was threatening me because I was questioning the purpose of such an eyesore across from my home. Maybe he should consider guarding watch 24/7 and catching the thieves on the spot.

He also said there were going to be meetings to educate the public about the group’s actions. We are still all ignorant today.

Gabriel P. Castano Sr.