Bike riders intruding on Keopuolani skate park

One of my favorite sports is skateboarding, which I love to do at Keopuolani Park. However, it has become hard lately because of the bike riders who use the skate park, which is supposed to be used only by the skateboarders. I was at the skate park one day and saw about five bike riders hogging the area.

My friends and I didn’t feel safe riding with the bikers because if they hit us it would hurt way more for us then it would for them. The padding that we wear would be of no use if we collided with a biker.

It’s so great to finally have a skate park after all the effort it took to have one built. It’s just too bad that it now seems to be taken over by people who should not be there.

Maybe the bike riders should get together and try to get the county to build them a special place where they can ride their bikes. Or perhaps there needs to be times set up at the skateboard park for skaters only and then times for bikers only.

Nick Mendez