Cleaner air would be beneficial to everyone

To all those who suggest that Maui residents who object to being covered in cane smoke go back to where they came from, I’d like to remind them of a few things.

First, the Hawaiian Islands are populated by various groups of people, all of which came from somewhere else. As we all know, everyone arrived by boat or air from somewhere else at some point in time.

All of the people here, no matter where they came from or when they got here, suffer the consequences of breathing air contaminated with burned cane, plastic and pesticides. These harmful chemicals do not differentiate between skin color, age or when someone arrived. If someone is a living being and needs to breathe air, he or she will be affected by this wasteful and irresponsible process that ignores the needs of the people that live here.

No one is exempt or immune. The effort to clear our air here on Maui is for the protection of everyone now and for future generations.

Jackie Rodgers