Council should move now to secure park acreage

I am a senior citizen and have been fortunate enough to call Maui home for nearly 40 years. My mind occasionally wanders to the limited amount of time I have left and questions like: Have I contributed anything? Is there time and ability to do more? Anything of value? Anything that would cause me to be remembered or appreciated?

The Maui County Council has the opportunity to perform a good deed that will be remembered and appreciated forever with the purchase of the Launiupoko acreage for public park space. Along with millions of others, I visit Haleakala often and vacation at our country’s other national parks. The parks are a good example, one of the few, of the wise decisions our government has made.

As Maui homes become more expensive with even smaller yards, park space becomes essential, not optional. The creation of open space will keep Maui the place we love to call home.

I implore our council to make the purchase now.

Dominick Marino