Doctors should have role in suicide decisions

Regarding assisted suicide conflict: I think that there are too many natural and unexpected occurring deaths for people to want to kill themselves.

I feel that if someone is truly hurting emotionally, doctors should not give up on patients and give them prescription drugs. The doctors should have a process in which they determine if the patient should receive the drug or not. I believe that if the patient went through the process and did not improve, then the decision is upon them whether to take the drugs or not.

However, my conflict is that I also think that the doctor should have some share in the decision. I don’t care for the suicide drug because I think everyone, no matter what, has a chance to be happy at some point in their lives and shouldn’t have to end it on an impulse.

The fact that we, as a society, have a drug that ends lives is beyond frightening. The drug should only be used if there is no way that anything will improve. It should be the absolute last result.

Roxy Duarte