Don’t judge others until you walk in their shoes

Being open-minded may require a walk in your neighbor’s shoes.

In response to the Nov. 15 letter “Complainers should have first done due diligence,” the following thoughts come to mind that are best stated as bullet points.

* It would seem that the writer would be more placated had everyone done their due diligence and moved Upcountry next to him.

* Anyone who lives anywhere other than Upcountry should not complain about poor air quality or soot over the top surfaces of everything.

* The fact seems to be omitted that along with cane burning we have the poisonous emissions from the burned plastic pipe in the fields, not to mention the emissions from the fuel used to process the cane.

* Stating “there are many studies” would be more credible when presented with documented data rather than as one’s opinion.

On a personal note, I live Upcountry as well, but I do not judge others because of their life choices or where they live, which in some cases may be dictated by limited means.

Everyone has a right to health and happiness and must live with the choices made within their means.

Live aloha, practice pono and do not judge others so harshly until you walk in their shoes.

Roy Ayala