Drivers pose greater risk to others as they age

In Pukalani I saw an old lady shaking behind the wheel of her car. She must have had been in her 80s. I watched her struggle to get out of her car, shaking and struggling to put gas in and then exhausted by the time she got back to her car.

I am 15 and I will be driving soon. Knowing that elderly people out there driving who should not be driving scares me. Hawaii has no age limit for driving.

The risk of being hurt or killed or injuring someone else increases as we age. As we get older our reflexes and reactions decline as well as our visibility, mobility and stability. It’s not fair for other drivers to be put at risk of getting hurt or hurting an elderly person because of inability to make good judgment behind the wheel.

The driving limit should vary per individual depending on their health and ability to drive. When a person hits 70, an annual driving test should occur to evaluate each driver. It should then be capped off at a reasonable age, such as 75 or 80.

I understand that there are people over 80 that are capable of driving. At that age they should not have to worry about providing their own transportation. At 80, physical impairments occur naturally with age. With this age cap, Maui Economic Opportunity, the Maui Bus and other bus systems/transportation should be provided for elderly.

Cruz Castillon