GMOs will continue to be consumed every day

Wherever a virus or bacteria infects more than one species (and many do), the infecting virus or bacteria sometimes causes genes from one host organism to be incorporated in the genetic material of the cells of a subsequent host organism. Presumably this occurs millions or billions of times a day and each of these transfers of a gene between species is exactly equivalent to one genetic modification experiment.

This random activity results in great harm to humans somewhere on the order of once a century. The phenomenon is called a pandemic. The same activity presumably also results in less deleterious, nevertheless undesirable, consequences, but we see these as natural changes to the environment. For the sake of conservatism, let’s say the latter are 100 times as frequent as the former.

It’s simple arithmetic. The rate at which genetically modified organisms can be expected to harm humans in any way at all is between one in a million billion and a billion billion. Of course, human experimentation is designed to abate foreseen and unforeseen deleterious consequences. The natural activity of viral and bacterial organisms is random. That should make this a conservative estimate.

The ignorant are always with us. Likewise, we will always continue to consume GMOs every day, like it or not, labels or not. No institution, least of all government, can control this. We can, however, if enough of us are rational, resist wasting our diminishing county resources the way some other nearby island counties have.

Theo M. Wender