Good reasons to make switch to artificial turf

A Nov. 16 letter writer regarding the impeding changes at the War Memorial Stadium field writes: “This shortsighted approach will destroy the natural beauty of grass. College soccer will be a major attraction to our island.”

Funny how he uses soccer as an example when it’s a soccer organization that’s funding this change.

Thousands of dollars were spent on that field to get it to a pristine condition when college teams were playing on it, but lack of maintenance and care has caused it to look the way it does now. The soccer organization that’s funding the project wanted to lay out the widest field possible. Us tracksters met several months ago with project coordinators to give our input on potential locations for the pole vault and long jump runways, trying to make sure they remember that it’s a multipurpose facility and not just a soccer field.

Sure, I agree that it would be great to see natural grass out there, but the current trend around the state is to change out to artificial turf to save money on future maintenance and care (watering, fertilizing, cutting and lining of fields), and at this stage, for the administration. If someone is going to pay for the changes, they’ll gladly take it. It’ll save them money in the long run.

James Alger