Government is intruding where it doesn’t belong

Would you buy an ObamaCar One designed and built by a bunch of politicians Imagine what it might look like: Perhaps three speeds in reverse and one speed forward, each tire a different size and no windshield. Enter through the trunk, please.

The simple fact is that government was never intended nor designed to be even remotely capable of devising a medical insurance framework. The U.S. government was created to provide six things – the closest to intruding upon citizens’ personal health care being to promote the general welfare. Note: Promote, not demand, provide or design.

President Barack Obama’s collectivist intent is not sanctioned by the primary law of the land, imposing health insurance being simply not within its purview. Nor was it given power to demand that you pay a penalty for not buying an insurance policy (or any other) product.

We have allowed government to grow to monstrous size with a voracious appetite for power fed by the arrogant assumption that it has a vested right to circumscribe citizens’ lives with endless laws, rules, regulations and guidelines – even while lawmakers sometimes exempt themselves from the ill effects of their own ill-conceived and even unread mandates. is a simple, speedy way to tell senators and representatives your views on any subject. Sign in once then select a category, type and all three get your message. The site works. Views are tabulated, noted and sometimes you will receive a direct reply. Give lawmakers the guidance they obviously sorely need.

Richard Mealey