HC&S chooses profits over health of the public

Year after year, Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. harvests sugar cane for its own personal gain and via the harmful health effects and inconveniences of the general public.

It burns cane to harvest, creating thick clouds of poisonous smoke which carry tons of carcinogens for everyone to breathe and develop respiratory problems.

Then comes the ash fallout, which also contains many of the carcinogens and chemicals/pesticides used in growing the sugar cane, which litters properties and breaks down to a very fine dust for everyone to breathe and, again, directly contributes to respiratory and short- and long-term health issues.

Then come the bare dirt fields, which contain traces of the pesticides and other chemicals, which are left dry for months, allowing the winds to create huge dust clouds to cover residents with the pesticide-filled dirt to again enhance respiratory and health problems.

HC&S can control this if it chooses to, however, possibly due to cost and reduction of profit, it chooses not to. For example: The bare dirt fields can be regularly watered down to prevent daily dust clouds and dust transfer. However, that is not done.

But on the bright side, HC&S is nice enough to forecast when it will inconvenience everyone with all its toxic residuals.

In the meantime, while it profits, we will suffer the short- and long-term health-related issues on our own expense. No balance. We all need to speak up now or suffer passively.

Michel Igarta