In same way water is water, marriage is marriage

The new Hawaii marriage law is like some fellow had lost his marbles and leveled the great Iao Needle at Wailuku or uprooted the famous Banyan Tree at Lahaina.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie made my last birthday, Nov. 13, a most memorable day. He signed the new law on that day.

Still, I maintain that marriage is marriage (that is, the union between a man and a woman) as water is water. Water (science tells us) is H2O – not H2H or O2O. Noah knew what he was doing when he saw to it that pairs of living creatures got safely into the ark before the great flood.

Even so, I look forward to receiving my first invitation to the wedding of a same-sex couple. I hope it would be grand with a great variety of pupu.

Tony Ramil