Interest in the Affordable Care Act is growing

A Nov. 6 letter writer stated that the majority of people don’t want the Affordable Care Act.

Well, surprise, even with the bad rollout and problem-plagued startup of the government site, the latest polls are showing an increase in the interest of the ACA.

The letter writer also said that Harry Reid had refused to negotiate with Republicans. Sorry, but Reid is just taking a page out of the Republicans’ playbook. It was they, the Republicans, who shut down the government by holding the economy hostage unless the Democrats did what they wanted. That is not negotiation but criminal coercion.

More like spoiled brat-ism. I have seen this many times while growing up, where the rich, spoiled brat who owned the ball made the rest of us play by his rules, which were slanted so he would always win or he would take his ball home and nobody would get to play.

James Hoover