It is not God who has changed his mind but man

God has not changed his mind (Letters, Oct. 27). His original plan is not working because man has changed his mind.

For centuries, man has known it was immoral to use contraception, to divorce, to kill, that homosexual sex was wrong. Man has rationalized that these are no longer sins. Man has embraced contraception and baby killing, and calls it choice or reproductive rights. Man has embraced sodomy, and calls it love or civil rights. Man wants the right to euthanize our elderly, and calls it mercy killing. Man has thrown out God’s plan of love for us and replaced it with self- absorbed love, where man is entitled to gratification of all his desires, no matter the consequences.

The letter writer states, “I’m thinking that the commandment that the good lord wants to emphasize now is that we should all love one another regardless.” It seems to me like we’re already doing that. We allow the above mentioned regardless of the fact that we are destroying the traditional family, regardless of the fact that society is falling apart as evidenced by the high divorce rate, drug and alcohol abuse, high suicide rate, unwed pregnancy rate, etc.

Laws reflect society’s values. If we value the traditional family, the cornerstone of healthy societies, then quit changing laws that destroy it. Man’s pride has decided that his intelligence is superior to God’s.

Mary Mishima