Keep the waters off Canoe Beach commercial free

With regard to the changes to the commercial and recreational boating rules in state of Hawaii waters, Na Kupuna O Maui proposes a critical amendment that will have a positive impact on our community for generations.

The elders of Maui respectfully request that the Department of Land and Natural Resources declare the nearshore waters off Hanakao’o (Canoe) Beach Park commercial free.

With most of the ocean waters on the west side currently designated for commercial activities, Na Kupuna does not think designating the waters off Canoe Beach commercial free an impediment to the commercial operators. There is plenty of room for us all.

Designating Canoe Beach commercial free will benefit us all. With commercial activities assigned to other areas where there is ample space, the safety of our children, residents and visitors will be guaranteed.

Na Kupuna believes that this is the most equitable manner to address this dangerous situation, resolve future conflicts of usage and avoid unnecessary accidents, including maiming and death.

We think it is imperative that our community be given the freedom to exercise our Native Hawaiian cultural practices in a commercial-free zone safely.

Patricia Nishiyama

Na Kupuna O Maui