Launiupoko land should be donated for open space

In response to the question posed by the Chamber of Commerce on the Launiupoko acreage (The Maui News, Nov. 9): Do we want it? Of course the people of Maui want it.

But if one listens carefully on how they arrived at the appraised value, it was flawed. Common sense says not to appraise bare land on the assumption of what can be built on it.

The Dec. 31 deadline is like putting a gun to our head.

Don’t forget, this land belongs to local developers who have done very well for themselves developing Maui. Maybe they should donate the land to the people of Maui for open space and park and name it after them. That could be their legacy.

Or maybe Council Member Riki Hokama had the best idea – condemnation for eminent domain.

Patrick Borge