Lesson offered for Maui drivers on how to merge

OK, this is a bit spouting off but, seriously, I feel like I need to offer a class on Maui titled “Merging 101 for Dummies.”

The way merging works is vehicles have to keep moving. If a driver stops, he or she will stay there for a really long time if there is a great deal of traffic. If a driver has cars behind him who want to merge and he has stopped, this is not good. Safety always first, yes.

I always look for people on bicycles but then I drive and keep driving. If there is a lot of traffic coming, bicyclists will see that a vehicle is moving and they will slow down to let it in. I promise.

Drivers just cannot be tentative. Keep moving.

I find that drivers are wonderful on Maui when I do this, and everyone lets me in – always. Please, people, I beg of you, be one with the merge.

Julie Frank