Maui needs to spend more on health care system

Maui County has more money than the rest of state counties, but yet I have not seen any of this money improving some of the most important things.

Some of these things include upgrading our health care system here so we don’t need to rely on Oahu so much for services. Now, as a person who has been here from birth, I have found that one of the most difficult things to find here, especially when you have medical problems that are too advanced, are doctors or clinics that are able to treat or even assess the issues.

I find myself being at a loss where I currently need to find a doctor in Oahu to see me. As a single mother, working and having a disability utilizing the state medical assistance, I have realized over the years that although my daughter and I get coverage, we are not assisted and treated the same way as if someone that was paying for insurance or receiving it through their job.

Why does Maui have so much money? Where is it really being spent? I would recommend reading the new fiscal budget on the Maui County website for 2014. I am confused seeing things like a “Golf Fund.”

Maui people need to know why we don’t get the help we really need.

Summer Kohler