No other state would allow such smoke pollution

This is ridiculous. I have the biggest black cloud over my house in Kihei raining down black snow. This is the worst I’ve ever seen in my 14 years on Maui. Children from down the street are wearing masks to walk to school. How bad is that?

The old stories that we’ve always done it that way and it will displace 800 workers are a bunch of bull. No other state in the union would allow this – obviously an Environmental Protection Agency violation and an environmental hazard.

If more modern harvesting methods were used, as are sometimes used when harvesting along the Mokelele Highway, we could rid this hazard to our keiki.

And as far as displacing those 800 workers, they can surely be used in a green harvest. And if the green harvest is too costly, maybe it’s because more employees are needed. Maybe there could now be 1,000 employees working instead of 800.

What’s the cost of our keiki’s lungs? Not to mention the cost of the trips to the doctor for breathing conditions and the visitors who question what’s going on, and the next words from their lips are “How can you stand this?” and “I’m never coming back here again.”

Get real, Maui, make the county take a stand for the majority of Maui – not just a deep-pocketed single company interested in its greedy bottom line.

Daniel Wittern