Obamacare is theft and violation of human rights

As humans living on this planet, we have a long list of rights. Among them is the right to run naked through the woods screaming as long as we do not disturb others. We have the right to choose a life partner if there is mutual agreement. We have the right to follow the education and career of our choice and abilities. We have the right to eat the food, drive the car and live in the house that we can afford.

What all the above-listed rights have in common is that they do not involve forcibly taking anything from anyone else. It is common to hear pontifications from the political left that everyone has a right to health care as though it is free. It is not. Someone must pay for those sophisticated machines, medicines and training regimens, the cost of which will surely escalate as the craft evolves to levels that are currently unimaginable.

We have the right to ask for help from the many charitable organizations if we cannot pay for needed services, but most people would agree that we do not have the right to use the threat of deadly force to expropriate those services from providers regardless of the exigency of our circumstances.

Using the inordinate power of a government agency to accomplish the same result through taxes and mandates on third parties as in Obamacare is no more just. Obamacare is not insurance. It is theft and it damages our social contract.

Dan Speas