Paying respect to troops a learning experience

Recently, I had students at Maui Preparatory Academy in my 6th- and 9th-grade and senior classes participate in an authentic and relevant writing experience. It all began with an attempt to find a way for students to practice their letter-writing techniques and skills, it ended with thousands of dollars of donated items with shipping costs covered.

What did the students do?

We adopted a platoon of soldiers who are currently fighting in Afghanistan. I began this process by contacting an organization called Adopt a Soldier. In what was an attempt to teach the students about humanity and kindness, we all learned a little more about ourselves and the power of community.

I want to remind everyone, as we move into the holiday season, that there are people all over the world and within our own community who could use a little pick-me-up. I also want to thank the parents who support this project, and the families that so generously gave for the troops.

As a daughter of a deceased Army soldier, this truly was a wonderful way to pay respect to our troops.

Kristie Fetterly