President is either a puppet or just plain lying

I just can’t believe every time a new scandal pops up our commander in chief comes out and says he wasn’t involved and knew nothing. Folks, this is the president of the United States. Wouldn’t you think that he would be in the loop, so to speak, or is he just a puppet?

When it comes to The Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Internal Revenue Service scandal, phone-tapping of U.S. citizens and known spying of foreign officials working with the U.S., again he says, “I didn’t know.” He’s either claiming he doesn’t know or just plain lying about every subject brought up. We have caught him lying on over and over again, but it means nothing to the Barack Obama lovers.

He’s so good at being detached and claiming he’s working on our behalf on all the bad policies and he’s going to save us, even though the bad policies are all his creations.

And no, I’m not prejudiced. Whether he’s half-black or half-white, I still stand on my obvious reason from the beginning – he had and has no experience whatsoever to run the country and the proof is in the pudding.

How far are going to sink into debt? How much more turning this country into a welfare state and how much more government ruling our lives are we going to endure?

Wake up, people, we are in for a train ride off the cliff and the track is running out real soon.

Steve Kear