Proliferation of homeless and vagrants annoying

Thanks to the current “Hug the Homeless” attitude by the current county government and the Maui Police Department’s “wave as you go by” enforcement policy, I now have vagrants going through my building’s Dumpster two or three times a day and wandering through the living areas, casing lanais.

Going for an early-morning beach run means walking through the five to seven people sprawled out on the sand and being greeted by the guy that has been living openly on the rocks at Charley Young Beach for at least six months.

A visit to the Kihei library means listening to bums snore among all their backpacks and collections of garbage.

Any horizontal surface in front of a store is usually filled by lost souls, dazed and confused and leering at female passers-by.

Does this annoy anyone else?

Jeffery Barnes