Public hearings don’t play a role in decisions

Public hearings are a way to make people think they’re getting a fair shake when, in reality, decisions have already been made to allow the passing of whatever the hearing is about.

Example: Same-sex marriages. Would it not have saved more time if there had just been a sign-in area with clipboards set up by alphabet for people to come in and sign under “for” or “against”? Which was one of the things Sen. Clayton Hee commented about regarding taking 33 hours for two-minute testimonies. So they cut it to one minute. Why? Because it didn’t make any difference how long anybody testified. The Senate had already decided to pass it.

The House challenged it. Do people think lawmakers heard all of the 1,000 testimonies? Figure it out. Go to a public hearing and testify. See if they’re interested in testimony or taking the mic away.

Henry P. Kahula Jr.