Restrictions needed on music to protect teenagers

Media in the 21st century has negatively influenced teenagers around the world.

The music industry has a big part in this. It has definitely evolved. The audio and video are no longer as filtered as previous years. Violence, sex and drugs are referred to by rappers on a daily basis.

Violence and drugs become the norm to teenagers who look up to these artists.

This is a growing problem that must be brought to the attention of the public.

In reality, most parents have no idea what their children actually absorb from the media. The truth is, even if parents attempt to filter their children’s negative media content, kids will always follow their peers. As a result of these negative voices, children look at drugs as a way of being accepted by cool kids.

In the same way that there are restrictions on movies and video games, there should be restrictions made on music that negatively influences teenagers.

Kanoa Iaea