Salt water on the highway can damage vehicles

I’m not known as a person to voice my opinion to the community, but this issue has a big impact on the people who commute and live on the west side of Maui. Nearing Papalaua Wayside Park and Ukumehame Firing Range at the newly reconstructed road, there has been a lot of ocean water on the highway just about every week.

If I had an option, I would completely avoid it. Salt water, as we all know, is very corrosive on metal and mostly everything on what most of us would call our greatest financial asset besides our homes – our vehicles. We really need a solution immediately because saltwater damage happens really quickly and a lot of us have been going through hard times financially and can’t afford to spend money for repairs on damages due to the roadways the county provides for us. Please help us move families forward. Or reimbursement for the damages already done would be a nice gesture.

George Fujita