Send message to Congress to get busy on budget

All the while Congress had shut down the government, I tried to figure out a way that those of us in the silent majority could voice our discontent with their lack of responsible action when it comes to the budget.

I thought if we all collectively called in sick on a certain day – sick of our legislators – perhaps they would hear. Then I realized not everyone has sick leave and that would harm some.

Later, I saw a news report that holiday shopping was lagging behind and the thought was because of the uncertainty of the economy.

Now, that is a statement that we could make. Rather than rushing out to take advantage of the early holiday sales, we could all quit shopping until Congress passes a budget – and not one that just kicks the can down the road with debt ceilings, etc.

I am not saying pass up on gift giving. I carefully cut out the craft fair listings for that reason. We could even make out own gifts.

With social media, this could catch on and we the people could truly speak up and say we supported universal health care.

Get over it, Ted Cruz and your cronies.

A budget is crafted, then spent and reviewed for the next budget cycle. Too much time is spent in this part of the democratic process, and time is wasting. Get busy on a budget.

Sue Kiang