Skateboarding on roads is a violation of the law

Lo and behold, there is a county ordinance covering the use of a skateboard on Maui. I was astounded after putting up with the way many riders use it on our residential roadways. I cringe when I see them hot-dogging on our roads, riding on the white centerline, crossing intersections against the red light without stopping, etc. Need I go on? I’m sure that the majority have witnessed the same things I have.

Let it be known here that the ordinance says: “No person upon . . . skateboards . . . shall go upon any roadway except while crossing such roadway within a crosswalk.” Then it goes on to say that the riders “will be subject to all the duties applicable to pedestrians.” Are pedestrians allowed to walk against a red light? No way.

In other words, no one can ride on the roads.

Gordon C. Cockett