Solution to feral chickens could help homeless

I attended the September meeting regarding feral cats and chickens.

Feral chickens are a growing problem in Maui’s residential neighborhoods. People are catching them but don’t have the heart to kill them, so they are relocating them, which makes them someone else’s problem.

I would like to propose a solution that would be very inexpensive for the county:

* Build a large chicken coop at the airport end of Kanaha Beach Park, where the homeless people live. This would be a simple framed structure entirely enclosed with chicken wire and including a door.

* Let people from anywhere on the island bring chickens there to be put in the coop when they catch them.

* The homeless people could feed them and collect eggs to sell or to eat themselves.

* Anyone who farms chickens could have as many as they wanted.

* Anyone who wanted to eat them could take them or buy them for a nominal fee to the homeless caretakers.

* Roosters could possibly be culled to control breeding and noise.

This would give the homeless something productive to do, possibly make some money and be better fed. This would solve the biggest problem for residents, which is not having anything to do with the chickens once they are caught. The population would be under control in no time with everyone pitching in.

In my opinion, such a small investment for something that would solve a huge problem is definitely worth a try.

Aaron Brothers