Some handicaps are not always readily noticeable

In response to the Nov. 12 letter complaining about alleged able-bodied persons using handicap placards: Some handicaps are not always noticeable.

Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating disease but not always noticeable unless it is in the very bad stage and one is in a wheelchair. There is also the possibility of a hip replacement, which can still be painful; cancer or other physical problems where one needs to park close to where they are going.

As far as the “young people” using placards and parking spaces, they too might have some physical problem that is not noticeable, or they could be abusing the handicap privilege. The big trucks and family are all in these same areas. There are war vets who have injuries but drive large trucks and Harleys.

It isn’t easy to obtain a handicap placard, as one needs a doctor’s note and full explanation of the disability, and then the motor vehicle department can accept or deny the application.

Be kind and show aloha to everyone and focus energy on helping rather than criticizing.

Tere Patterson