Stalls for the handicapped abused by the able-bodied

Is it me or has anyone else noticed that very young people are using handicap cards on their car windows?

I was at Longs a few weeks ago and I noticed a family – father, mother and two kids. The father was about 25 or 30 years old. He parked in a handicap stall, put a handicap card on his window and he and his family walked into the store. There was nothing wrong with him. They were running around.

The sad thing is that no one cares the handicap stalls were full. So if there were someone who really needed the stall and they were really handicapped, what?

More and more people don’t care about anything or anyone but themselves.

I work at the airport. We have a lots of handicap stalls but they are always taken by people who drive these large trucks – the truck is so very high off the ground, so how does a handicapped person get in?

As I said, no one cares.

Clarence Suggs