Temporary traffic control plans going unchecked

I have to agree with a Nov. 22 letter writer regarding temporary speed limit signs left in place too long.

As an expert and trainer in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Hawaii and the Mainland, I have explained this particular issue to the participants who attend my MUTCD courses. This being private-sector contractors, along with both county and state government workers.

The issue here is that the Hawaii Department of Transportation does not have an enforcement branch and, therefore, no one truly checks on the contractors’ temporary traffic control plan. The majority of all contractors on the island that put up TTC devices don’t really understand and/or comply with MUTCD. I see this every day.

For everyone’s information: Orange diamond-shaped signs with a rectangular white-and-black speed sign in place at a construction site, whether or not there is construction, is enforceable by Hawaii law.

Now, anytime one sees an ongoing roadway work zone contraction in progress, don’t forget to slow down because there are people working at the site. I hope this helped all sides.

SeaRay Beltran