The harrowing days of Fukushima are upon us

There are a number of ways that one may respond to Fukushima. There is trust and denial. There is fear and reaction. There is panic and contagious emotion. There is self-education and a fine line of balance walked between excitability and responsiveness.

Those who know about such things tell us that the harrowing days are now upon us. That all that has occurred till now might be nothing compared with the potential catastrophe ahead.

What must be done at Fukushima has never before been done on such a scale and amidst such great peril and damage. More than 1,300 fuel rods must be lifted by crane out of the reactor. It has been said that this act is equivalent to taking a perfectly formed cigarette out of a package that has been crushed or otherwise damaged. The consequences of failure are truly harrowing. Fires could result, explosions creating fallout spiced with plutonium, uncontrollable radiation contamination. The same might result from an earthquake in an earthquake-prone part of the world.

I saw a man running a 1960s Geiger counter over fish that he had bought. I know people who are no longer going into the ocean. I have seen reports of a dead zone in the ocean around Fukushima. No birds. No fish. Just debris. I even know two people who are planning to move to Ecuador or some other place below the equator.

Divine intervention? Have you checked our karma lately?

Raphael O’Suna