Why look ahead? Real clowns are already in office

I read with amusement the Nov. 16 letter from the self-appointed philosopher of the island regarding political candidates for future national election.

In his missive, he declares himself to be of Italian descent, which explains a lot of his convoluted and obtuse political views since Italy does not seem to keep a government for more that six months at a time and corruption (a la Silvio Berlusconi) is rampant.

Perhaps the writer, instead of looking three years into the future, should look three years into the past.

An administration riddled with scandals, incompetence and corruption at the highest levels, economic mismanagement at levels not ever seen before, the decline of the image of the United States in the world, outright lies pronounced by the president himself, lines in the sand not enforced due to cowardliness, among many others. The crowning glory: Obamacare and we all know by now what a Machiavellian piece of “Dante’s Inferno” that atrocity is all about.

What about considering three new clowns for election? Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Anthony Weiner.

That is more like the Democrats’ party.

Jose Caubet