Act to save Hawaiian species before it’s too late

Isn’t it scary? Most of our native Hawaiian species are on the verge of being extinct. Honestly, when do we ever think about the lives of those that aren’t human? We don’t realize that we share this beautiful island with the most unique Hawaiian species to ever live. The question is: How long are they going to be with us?

I recently read about a local accident: Two dead and numbers decline. The victims of this accident were two female nene geese. When I first heard what happened, it hit me. We need to help these poor animals out. Their lives are in our hands. It is our job to help protect them because they are among the last of their species.

Isn’t it going to be sad when our children and their children ask what a nene or the Haleakala silversword used to look like? Wouldn’t you just hate to tell them we were the reason that they can never see one ever again?

I am writing this to inform the public on how I feel and hopefully it will inspire others to help keep our brothers and sisters alive. This is up to us – are we going to be the generation to watch them fade away?

Kulia Fernandez