Amazon faster and better than traditional retail

I totally disagree with The Maui News’ Dec. 3 editorial, titled “When big is too big,” regarding online retailer

Although drones seem weird as a new technology, I have no doubt Amazon will get it right and continue delivering goods that I can’t find here on our remote island paradise.

Moreover, although I do support local businesses, do we really need more retail? If Amazon could put Wal-Mart and Kmart out of business, I’d be all for it.

We need to be supporting the creation of quality jobs for local people, i.e., innovative and needed small business, not just local cause it’s local. Anyone who’s ever been a cashier can tell you standing eight-plus hours a day for minimum wage is not a career.

Lastly, the tax argument rings hollow when big-box stores receive preferential tax treatment for the privilege of their presence here on Maui.

Bottom line, Amazon does it better, faster and more economically than traditional retail, which is fast becoming a thing of the past.

Loren E. Clive