Answers needed about flow of chemicals into sea

I dive Makena Landing two or three times a week and, for many years now, have seen at least a dozen sick turtles with the hideous white growths all over them. On a dive in November, I saw 35 of them with the growths.

These are Fibropapillomatosis virus tumors, a form of herpes. What is this disease (other than a mouthful)? Is it contagious? Painful? Curable? Could the massive amount of pesticides and other chemicals flowing over Maui’s shorelines every time it rains be knocking down aquatic marine immune systems and making them more vulnerable to disease? Remember, even a storm Upcountry flows directly through the golf courses and gifts our ocean with its potions and poisons. Once turtles get it, can they get better? Should they be culled to try to control the spread of the disease?

Is it possible to get a list of the chemicals, nitrates, pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers and other contaminants that flow into our sea and ask the giant corporations to try to find harmless substitutes for them? If individual chemicals are harmless, are they still harmless when mixed together and going into solution as they flow into the sea? Are the fish safe to eat at Makena? Could these chemicals be what is driving a few of our sharks crazy?

The saddest thing is the turtles who have creeping tumors slowly covering their eyes. They can’t see, can’t find food, can’t understand why they’re slowly, agonizing starving and drowning. You can count on it.

Bobby Baker