Assisted suicide letter has no basis in reality

On Nov. 28, a letter was published by The Maui News titled “Doctors should have role in suicide decisions.” The publication of this letter truly mystified me, as it has no basis in anything that has ever transpired in America – at least with the authorities’ knowledge.

As a staunch advocate of compassion and choices, or doctor-assisted self-deliverance, it behooves The Maui News to clarify that there is no legal statute in America that allows a medical doctor to prescribe a lethal dose of medication to one suffering from depression, sadness or any other psychological ailment.

In the few wise and humane states that do permit physicians to prescribe for end-of-life issues, it is always secondary to a terminal diagnosis validated by two doctors, with both concurring that the patient will die within six months.

With all the controversy over that simple and, in my view, rational issue, we do not need newspapers fomenting bizarre ideas that these lethal doses can ever be prescribed for emotional pain.

Rick Princenthal