Becoming a blood donor means giving gift of life

During this season of gift giving, please seriously consider donating a pint of blood – the gift of life.

This most-valuable gift can help save the lives of up to three individuals – people who have a serious illness or who are undergoing major surgery.

The most unimaginable thing about this important gift is that not only will it cost you nothing, but it will give you the greatest satisfaction of any gift that you can give this season. The reward and gratification that come from donating a pint of blood to help people that desperately need it are just fantastic and incredible.

Because of the tremendous need for blood during the holiday season, and because many regular donors are away on vacation or busy spending their money shopping for Christmas gifts, the Blood Bank of Hawaii desperately needs new donors. Please consider starting a new tradition in your life by becoming a blood donor.

As for me, I am scheduled to donate my 130th pint of blood on Dec. 24 – my Christmas gift to the Blood Bank of Hawaii.

William T. Kinaka