Better dust control needed at construction sites

My favorite thing to do in my free time is go and work with my grandpa. He owns a construction business called Rojac Construction. I love working with him, but one of the things I hate is when there’s a lot of dust on any particular job site – no matter what company it is. The manager on site is in charge for the dust going everywhere.

The dust goes everywhere, especially when working next to the road and the dust goes all on the road. When the dust goes on to the road, it can cause drivers to get distracted. The dust also travels all over the landscape and makes everything brown and ugly.

I think that companies should start to care for the people around them. They should make bigger dust fences that actually keep the dust from traveling outside the job site. The engineer on site could even increase the number of water trucks just so that the ground on the job site is always going to be damp. When the heavy-duty equipment approaches the dirt it won’t form dust and blow everywhere. I hope that the manager on site will take a stand and do his job.

Ronald K. Jacintho