Blood donors are greatly appreciated

I want to thank folks like a Dec. 21 letter writer for their priceless gift of blood donations. The letter writer has gone above and beyond with his kindness and giving.

As a former medical professional, I understand firsthand how desperately blood needs to be available for those in crisis, especially the rare blood types. All it costs is just a bit of time. The rewards are more numerous than one can even imagine, from the personal satisfaction of giving to others to the saving of a stranger’s life.

My mother used nearly 40 units of donor blood during surgery before she lost her fight for life. Unfortunately, due to a long bout with hepatitis myself (common in the health care field), I cannot personally donate blood anymore, so I am always encouraging folks to give a gift of life to the blood bank. It costs nothing, it is painless and the life saved may even be one of your loved ones.

Donating blood is one of the few selfless things one can do in this world, and it does not take money or even much effort.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making donor blood available for my loved one when it was so desperately needed. The only way I can reciprocate is by encouraging everyone who is eligible to donate a pint of blood as often as possible. The reward will bring much satisfaction.

Laura L. Stout